Rhoer Club Colors and Attire

Royal Blue and Gold


Rhoer Club Slogan

“Sisters Forever”


Rhoer Club Mascot

Monarch Butterfly


Rhoer Club Flower

Yellow Daisy

Rhoer Fun Facts

Founder Mary Lou Allison Gardner Little had a love for youth and the development of their full potential.The Rhoer Club was founded in 1939 at the 14th International Boule in New York City, NY. It was during this boule, December 27th - 30th members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority agreed to mentor, motivate and encourage Rhoer Club members to pursue their dreams, achieve high scholastic standards, and advance in their personal and professional pursuits. The first Rhoer Club was organized in 1940 by the Alpha Eta Chapter.  Sigma Gamma Rho is dedicated to helping Rhoers grow to be women of substance dedicated to service.


To be eligible for membership in the Rhoer Club of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, a young lady must be invited by a member of the Rhoer Club or a Sorority member of the local chapter. In addition, she must have the following:

  • At least one letter of recommendation from a Teacher, Pastor or School Counselor. 

  • Evidence of High academic standards

  • A minimum of a 2.5 or above Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale. 

  • Exhibit high standards of character and conduct. 

  • Willingness to follow all rules and regulations of the Rhoer Club. 

  • Willingness to participate in Rhoer sponsored activities.


Community Service/Activities

· Sigma Youth Symposium

· Skating, bowling, cooking, etc

· Monthly meetings/workshops

· College tours

· Holiday parties

· March of Dimes

· Party stroll/step shows

· And many more activities !!!


The purpose of the Rhoer Club is to provide a positive experience for young women ages 12 to 18 in leadership development, academic counseling, personal counseling, mentoring, community service, and rites of passage.

Rhoer clubs offer girls the opportunity to participate in sorority activities, youth development programs, learn about their heritage, and deal with the challenges youth face today.  Community service, leadership, scholarship and sisterhood are the hallmarks of the activity of the Rhoer Club.  Rhoer Clubs are organized on a local, regional and national level.

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Our Beliefs

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. believes in training young girls to be leaders in their own lives and their communities so they will make a difference. The sorority’s motto of “Greater Service, Greater Progress” reflects its drive to train girls to serve their community to improve the quality of life for all. Girls are taught the importance of Scholarship because only through education will anyone ever reach their full potential.


Connect with the Rhoers!

Email: dpsrhoerclub@gmail.com 

Website: https://dpsrhoerclub.yolasite.com

Rhoer Advisor: Soror Arriba Walker 

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